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Approved H1B petition docs not recd

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  • Approved H1B petition docs not recd


    My H1B petition was approved on March 2, 2012, but my attrorney or the petitioner have still not received the approved documents from USCIS. How long does it usually take for the documents to be delivered to the Petitioner/Attorney?

    I have another question not related to the above. I have two approved petitions now from two different employers. If I appear for an interview using the petitions from Employer 1,

    1. And I get a H1B stamped, can I still use the approved petition from Employer 2 with the H1B visa from Employer1 and enter US to work with Employer 2. If this is possible, is it a transfer case? What documents I will need to work with employer 2 when I have a Visa from Employer 1?

    2. In case, I do not get the H1B stamped when I appear for an interview with petition from Employer 1, can I schedule another interview in the same month(or the next) using the Petition from employer 2 and go for another interview?

    If there is any material available online, which explains situation around the question I have, could you please point me to the same? I do not understand very well how H1B visa and two different Petitions can be linked. Any information around this would be very helpful for me to plan my next moves.


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    The employer should receive the approval notice a week or two.

    You can apply for Visa using any petition. Which employer you can work for depends on which petition you use to travel to US (show at the port of entry). However, if you are planning to work for 2, it is better that you use 2's petition to apply for the Visa as well.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.