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Applying H1-B 2nd time

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  • Applying H1-B 2nd time

    hello Immihelp !

    Here's my situation. First H1-B applied and got approved in Dec 2006. Worked for 2years and 3months. During recession company revoked my visa and I had no choice but to enroll in school and get a MBA degree.

    So on June 2009 I enrolled in school and I completed my degree in May 2011. Applied for OPT and got a job in June 2011.

    Now I want to file for new H1-B since 5 years are gone from the last H1-B approval I m falling under cap as per my emplpyer.

    My question is will I get another 6 years of h1-b ? or the remaining 3 years and 9 months.

    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. !

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    You will get only the remaining 3 years and 9 months since you did not stay out of U.S for 1 year to be eligible for a fresh 6 year period in H1B.
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