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Surname issue in passport and I-797

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  • Surname issue in passport and I-797


    We have an issue with my husbands H1B processing.

    As per his passport,
    Given Name - Jomy Joy
    Surname - Blank

    As per his I797 form,
    First Name - FNU
    Surname - Jomy Joy

    We are yet to submit the DS160 for the visa interview.
    In this case can you please let us know whether we can change the name
    in the passport now before appearing for the interview and how this
    will impact as the name will be different from the original I797 form.
    (Also note that change in name will also result in an address change
    and maritial status change in the passport as these details also

    I have heard that FNU tag will create lot of issues once we are in US. So we would like to get the name corrected.

    Can you please let us know the best way to go forward in this case.


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    There is no issue whatsoever. My wife has a similar scenario. She does not have a last name and so the US consulate has done the same thing. Her first name is stated as FNU and her last name is her given name on the passport. She had no issues while travelling to US. It is just that her SSN took longer than usual because they had never seen somebody who had just one name. But she got her SSN in 1.5 months. Other than that at almost all good airports, the security guys know this thing and so there is no issue.


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      FNU is always a problem. You will have no issues entering U.S. But your records including the driving license, SSN, tax documents etc will be have FNU and it will cause unnecessary issues later. It is advisable to get the passports corrected and then appear for the visa interview.
      Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.