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F1 to OPT to H1B Process

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  • F1 to OPT to H1B Process

    I came here to the US on the F1 visa and upon graduation I got OPT.
    I have been doing research and want to ask a specific question on the end process of obtaining the H1B visa, for anyone who has experience.

    After the interview and assuming the H1B visa is approved, I understand I will receive a letter of approval. What are the next steps following that? Do I need to get my passport stamped? If so, where? What will they do to my existing F1 visa?

    Thank you!

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    A COS from F1 to H1B need to be approved. The filing for fresh h1B CAP starts on 2nd April 2012 with an employment start date of Oct 1st 2012. You need to mainatin your OPT status until end of September. Once the H1B petition gets approved with a new I-94 (will have the valid from dates as Oct 1st or later and a valid to date) you can start working for the H1B sponsor in H1B status until the I-94 expiry date. When the I-94 is about to expire, you will have to file the extension. Visa is only an entry ocument to U.S. You need to get the visa stamped only when you leave U.S and want to re-enter back in H1B status. When you go for H1B visa stamping at a U.S consulate, your F1 visa will most likely be cancelled.
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