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H1B Visa stamp with 3 days validity

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  • H1B Visa stamp with 3 days validity

    Hi folks,

    I got my H1B Visa stamped with my Old Employer which is valid until Aug31 2012
    I changed to new employer and got my H1B approved until Feb, 2013

    I'm going to India in August and will be returning to US on August 26th of 2012
    I will only have like 3 to 4 days of validity on the Visa stamp on the entry day to US i.e of Old Employer.
    But I have new Employer's approved 797 until Feb 2013.

    Having 2 days validity on the Visa stamp...Will this be a problem ?
    Do I need to get my H1B visa stamped with my new employer ? Or Is it sufficient to show the approved 797 of new employer ?

    Please Help


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    You are travel with the existing H1B visa (as long as it remains valid on the date of your arrival) and the extended H1B petition. The I-94 will be issued based on the petition expiry date (as long as the passport doesn't expire within 1 year). There are only few rare cases where the I-94 was issued until the visa expiry date. It depends on the officer that you meet at the POE.
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