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Ex-spouse name on passport

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  • Ex-spouse name on passport

    After divorce I forgot to remove ex-spouse name from passport. I am in India for remarriage. Agents at passport office told they will issue a new passport which will take 2+ months as Tatkal won't apply in this case.

    I couldn't locate similar discussions on internet, any one here knows whether ex-spouse name on passport will effect newly married girl's H4 prospects? Likely scenario: she meets the VO, asked to present divorce papers, VO checks my passport for name update.

    Thank you.

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    Should not be a problem. Ask her to carry the marriage certi9ficate, your previous marraige divorce papers, some marriage photographs showing important events in the marriage, marriage invitation etc. You can also hadover a cover letter mentioning your divorce and your re-marriage (just in case).
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