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laid off when h1 extention is under process

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  • laid off when h1 extention is under process

    Hi All,

    I was working for client A till feb 29,2012. my i-94 expired on march 3 2012. i filed for h1 extention on feb 20,2012..recieved an RFE on mar 5 to prove employee-employer relationship.

    currently,i am not working for Client A, i am working for Client B now.my question is how can i respond back to my RFE?

    my employer dont want to send any documents regarding client A,because he is wandering what is USCIS calls and enquires the client A?

    Please suggest what are the available options for me now?

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    Consult a good immigration attorney. With proper documentation, they will be able to show that your work location has changed unexpectedly and an amendment to the existing pending H1B petition is required.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.