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where do i go for H-1b stamp?

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  • where do i go for H-1b stamp?


    My name is Nevil and I am from Ahmedabad in India. I currently live in US on OPT which expires in August 2005. I came to US to study with F-1 visa which has already expired. Also, I have a job offer and my company recently approved me for H-1b visa starting in October 1 2005.

    I have done a little bit of research online and I understand that I have to get visa stamp outside of US. I was wondering if I can go to Mexico to get visa stamp or am i forced to go back to my home country in India to get a stamp. I am not sure about this because my student visa has expired and I am not sure if I can get Mexican permit. Does anyone know if I can qualify for Mexican permit or am I forced to go to India for visa stamp? Any help would be highly appreciated.