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B1 to H1 Status with approved petition

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  • B1 to H1 Status with approved petition

    Hi All,

    I need you people experience and suggestions.

    This is my Case:

    1. Now I am India with X company

    2. Holding valid approved petition ( approved date Dec 2011) with Y company in USA (In house project).

    3. Not yet attended for USA H1 stamping interview with this petition as rejection rate is high.

    4. With my current company(X), I am flying to USA on business trip ( for 3 months)

    5. I informed the same to Y employer. And they are telling once you arrived to USA on B1 we can change your status to H1 B.

    6. I asked how about my family H4 and if I want to travel to India in future.

    7. They mentioned for your family we can send the couple of months paystubs after few months and they can attend for H4 as H4 stamping may not be that much strict, and for your stamping you can go to Canada in urgency case.

    Please advice what to do.

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    Search and read the posts which talks about why it is not advisable to file a COS from B1/B2 to H1B.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.