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H1B VISA withe arrest record in SSN

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  • H1B VISA withe arrest record in SSN

    Hi , i am a full time employee of a YYYY company , i have attended my VISA 10 days back, VISA officer at hyderabad Approved My VISA . after 2 days i recieved an E-Mail from VFS Hyderabad Office , stating that i have an Court/police record on My Records, and asked them to submit the records . yesterday have submited the socuments, can any one let me know how the chances of getting the VISA ?

    The court/Police record is manily because i have an speeding ticket, and i have to attend the court hearing, but i missed it, so the court had issued an arrest warrent for No show at the court , can some please let me know the chances of getting the VISA after this .

    This record is closed after paying the fine . this case is dismmed .

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    Well, no one can really predict what the outcome will be. It totally depends on the VO who is handling your case.
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