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Can I Work on Opt (Unexpired) if My H1 Got Approved

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  • Can I Work on Opt (Unexpired) if My H1 Got Approved


    My OPT is still valid for 4 more months but my H1 got approved last month. Can I still use my OPT how i can know if my change of status? Also second question is The employer(B) who filed h1 is different than the employer(A) i am working with using OPT. If employer (C) wants to hire me is it possible?, can i still use OPT or if new employer has to file will it be transfer application or a new application for H1 visa? Please reply urgently..

    Thanks in advance.

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    If B filed your H1, ask them to share their approval notice. If the approval notice has I-94 at the bottom, your status has changed from effective date of that approval notice. Your F1 status and OPT are over. You can also ask your school's DSO, if the SEVIS system is showing your status as OPT or terminated. However, SEVIS systems is known to have mistakes, so asking the employer is the best.
    If your status has changed, you must work for the sponsoring employer. Any change of employment based on H1 is not possible if you are not working for the H1 petitioner.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.