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  • study on In-state fee

    I reached US on Mar 9th on F2 visa ( as a depended on F1-OPT).
    His company has filed H1 for him and H4 for me on APR 1st 2012 so he is on 17month OPT extended period and me as his dependent.
    Also He has leased house in Nov-2011 and paying Mississippi state tax since nov-2011.
    Our visa will be changed to H1 & H4 on oct-1-2012.
    If I have to start my studies on instate fee when should i start?
    If i consider state tax payment, it would be a year this Nov (2012)since he started paying state tax. His residency would turn a yr in this state(MS) this nov-2012 and mine would turn a year in mar-2013.
    Should I have to wait till it turns a year since i get H4? or when should i start my MS as in-state fee.