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    Hello there,

    I graduated with a degree in computer science from US in December 2007, started working fulltime since January, 2008. Prior to that, I was an intern for 14 months in the same company. I am currently in H1-B, ready to file my green card. I will have my full time 5 years in this company in January, 2013. I recently talked to my company lawyer and as per the lawyer, I cannot show my 5 years experience from the same company. For that, I would need to switch to a new company, that way my 5 years would carry over.

    Now since my 5 years fulltime wouldn't be applicable until January, 2013, what if I get a job in a different company now, would this new company be able to file my GC under EB2? This new company i am talking to said that i could show my internship as well and count that for my experience. As far as the number of my fulltime job, its 4 years and 5 months till now. Please advise what i need to go..whether to continue working in the present company until January of 2013, completing my 5 years and then move to a new company? Or i can leave now and join a new company, still be eligible to file my GC on EB2.

    I do not have a masters degree.

    Any suggestion would really be helpful. Thanks in advance.