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H1B Visa Renewal

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  • shervin143
    H1B petition takes about 2-3 months to get a decision in normal process and 15 days by premium. If you use the CAP from the old approval notice to file a new petition (or so called renewal), the you will get only 6 year minus whatever time that you have already spent in U.S in H1B + OL1B status combined. But in this case, the employer can request an immediate start date. But, since you have already spent 1 year outside U.S, you are qualified to file the H1B petition under a fresh new 2013 quota. In which case, you will get a fresh 6 year limit on H1B. But the employment start date can be only on or after Oct 1st.

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  • madhupatni
    started a topic H1B Visa Renewal

    H1B Visa Renewal


    My H1B visa is going to expire in 2months, And currently i am in India.Its been more than 1 year I returened back to India., Now my company is filing for H1B renewal.Can any one let me know how much time it takes for the approval of visa and how much period of stay it will provide to me.