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H1B visa renewal - 221g

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  • H1B visa renewal - 221g


    I've attended for my H1B visa renewal @ Chennai on Dec-29-2011 and VO collected all my original I-797( from 5 employers), salary statements, Client letter,agreement letter b/w vendor & employer,letter between client & Vendor and informed me that they will be sent to USCIS for further investigation into my case and gave blue slip with administrative process ticked on it. However last week I've received a parcel from USCIS with all my documents back along with the green slip which I have attached. Can I treat this as +ve sign and do I need to submit the documents as ticked on the slip along with passport to VFS office Chennai.Even I am not sure what supporting letter I need to submit in support of I-129 in item#3. Please advise.

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    Hi Raju, my case was also sent back to USCIS along with I129. I attended for visa interview on 8th Dec' 2011. Please let me know when your case was sent to USCIS and to what address you got your parcel back. I mean to say whether to address in India or to the US address. In my case too the Hyderabad consulate replied me saying based on 221(g), and INA regulations there under they refused my application. They also said they are waiting for the judgement from USCIS for reaffirmation about my case from their side. I don't understand what they mean this.

    As per my knowledge it should be letter to the USCIS submitted by your petitioner on the letterhead
    explaining the position offered, the description of position and duties and responsibilities given to you.

    By the way may I have your contact number/email, please.

    With regards.