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Change of Name and Change of Status from H1 to H4

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  • Change of Name and Change of Status from H1 to H4

    My wife entered the US on her H1B visa and her maiden name. Her passport was expiring few month ago and she decided to renew her passport with her new name. Now her old passport, H1B visa and I94 card in the old passport are with her maiden name and her new passport is with her new name.

    Now she is planning to change her status from H1B to H4 to start school in July. We are planning to file her change of status (Form I-539) with her new name. Will it be a problem if her earlier documents are with her maiden name?

    Additionally, she needs state-issued photo id (drivers license) with her new name to initiate all documentation etc in school with her new name but the drivers license name change needs SSN to be with the new name which needs I94 to be with a new name and changing name on I94 (Form I-102) takes 3-4 months.
    What are our options and what should be the sequence of things we need/should do?

    1. Can we file change of status with her new name (although her visa, I94, SSN, employment documents are with maiden name)
    2. At which other agencies/locations should she get her name changed (SSN, I94, Visa, Drivers License) and in what sequence?

    Please Advice.


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    Somebody please advice!!!