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H1B - college teaching. Part-time?

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  • H1B - college teaching. Part-time?

    I might get a visiting assistant Professor job for 1 year - non-tenure, with the possibility of one year extenstion. The university is willing to get me H1B.

    1. Is there any minimum wage for H1B college teaching?
    2. Is there any minimum number of working hours / week? Anything called part-time H1B for teaching?
    3. Is the H1B transferrable to private industry?
    4. After 1 year, suppose the school changes my status to part-time adjunct lecturer, do they need to report to USCIS? Do they need to request a new H1B?

    My understanding is that with H1B for non-tenure teaching, I can apply for greencard by EB2 (I will confirm at the green card forum). Because of my original citizenship, I heard that it takes 1 year only. With a 1 yr teaching job, it should be enough time. Assuming the review process can't be completed in one yr, maybe the school can hire me as a part-timer for one more semester. I think 18 months is enough time.

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