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Cap-exempt H-1B to Cap trasfer and Visa Stamping

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  • Cap-exempt H-1B to Cap trasfer and Visa Stamping


    I am new to this community and would highly appreciate if anyone can input their thoughts.

    I finished PhD in USA and then joined a university as a postdoc for two years until April 2012. Before the end of my postdoc, I received a job offer from a biotech company. I had to return home as I would be out of status after April. In the mean time, the company sponsored H1B and got it approved from USCIS with start date of Oct. 1 (due to change from cap-exempt to caps-subject H1B quota). Now I am in India since April and will be going for stamping in July first week. Is there any reason for me to be worried for visa stamping given that I am not technically employed for these five months even though I received an offer before I left my first job in USA? I should mention that I have never been rejected for visa and never have been out of status while in USA.

    Any other comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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    It won't be an issue as long as you have the qualification, skill set & experience for the H1B job offered.
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