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Name bifurcation after H1b petition filing

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  • Name bifurcation after H1b petition filing


    My H1 B petition is filed with the United states Consulate in April 2012 for 2013 CAP and is currently in RFE status. I am from Chennai. Now, I would like to bifurcate my "Given name" in my passport into first name and surname, also I would like to add my spouse name in the passport. This will result in issue of a new passport booklet with new passport number. But my H1B petition is filed with old passport number and name. Will there be a problem for obtaining a h1b visa if I apply for a name bifurcation?? Am I allowed to do that ? Please let me know if I can go ahead and apply for the name bifurcation and spouse name addition. Also, my stamped visa will have my old un - bifurcated name, is there any way I can change that ?

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    It won't be an issue. You will have to carry both the passports when you attend the visa interview.
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