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Tracking PERM Application! Quick Info Required!!

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  • Tracking PERM Application! Quick Info Required!!


    I am currently working on H1 (on my last year before completing 6 years quota) for company A and about to move to a company B which has agreed to sponsor my GC. I have cleared interview for a job opening but waiting on a final approval before initiating H1 transfer and proceed further.

    Company B has confirmed that my labor application has already been filed. However, I did not get a tracking number for me to check to see if it has been filed. My assumption was there would be an application # just like ones you get for H1 extensions using which the file can be tracked. I was told there is no way to track it unless the PERM is approved or there is an RFE and it will take at least 6 months before we know it.

    Can you please guide if PERM applications can be tracked and how it can be done? From what I have read in other posts, it can be done through a profile created by the attorneys but not sure. I want to make sure that my new employer is giving me legitimate info.


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    The employer is right. There is no way for you to track the PERM application.
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