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H1b Transfer - Please help

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  • H1b Transfer - Please help

    Hello there,

    I recently completed my masters and got an offer from company A, which processed my H1B visa under premium services. Currently, I have my H1b, valid EAD and F1. Just few days back, I received an offer from Company B, and now I want to initiate the transfer.

    Please advice that is it even possible? My H1b would kick in on Oct 1st, and till then I will be on F1/OPT. Also, what happens if company A withdraws my H petition when the transfer is in progress. Lastly, is it ok to shift companies on receipt of transfer. Kindly suggest the path forward.


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    B can file a cap-exempt petition for you and you can join them immediately using your OPT (assuming the job is in your field of study, B is enrolled in EVerify if you are doing STEM extension and you report the change to your school DSO). When does your OPT expire? If after Oct 1, that is fine.
    Whether A withdraws their petition or not does not matter.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.