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  • Laid of on an HIB

    I am from Canada and I worked in New York City for 6 years and paid my full unemployment benefits (UI). I was laid off and now I am trying to collect my UI benefits. I have met the qualifications for UI by having earned the amount I need to be paid the max amount and was legally allowed to under my H1B status (exp sep 30, 2013). I filled my first UI and recieved payment. However, I received a letter from the department of labor asking to prove I am able to work. The letter is asking for proof of and I-765 and I don't think I ever qaulified for an I-765 status.

    There is no number to call and nothing on the web. Canada has a treaty with the USA that they each pay UI. However NY has denied Canadian TN holders their right to UI.

    Also, if NY state denies me my UI, am I able to collect back the money I paid into UI?