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Appointment Date problem for H4 visa stamping

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  • Appointment Date problem for H4 visa stamping

    My wife is currently visiting India (She has been in the US for the last 4 yrs on H4). Since the visa stamps on our passports expired earlier this year, she has to get hers stamped this time. Because of some unforseen circumstances, she needs to come back soon while the earliest appointment date available at Mumbai is in Mid September. Is there a way to get an earlier appointment? Also, is it advisable for her to fly to Canada on a Canadian visitor / transit visa and get her visa stamped there (appointments in Canada are readily available) ?

    Thanx in Advance

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    if your wife is in a position to explian those unforseen circumstances, then she can visit any other consulate to get the eralier apointment.

    She can always visit to Canada for visa stamping. I guess you will get the appointment easily over there.