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Some 1 please advice... am i illegal

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  • Some 1 please advice... am i illegal

    i work for a reputed private firm non IT in 2009 we used one immigration attorney via friend reference for help in my H1 application.
    In may 2009 the status online changed to approved and my employer gave me a 797 form that said approval notice from oct-2009 to sep-2012.

    i never looked at it again-my mistake. Now its aug 2012 we r planning to send extension application and now i learn the form i have is I-797C. I

    Courtesy copy : Original sent to :vasireddy kiran

    Notice Type : Approval Notice
    Valid from 10.1/2009 to 9/25/2012

    It states The above petition and Change of status have been approved.
    The status of the na,ed foreign worker in this classification is valid as indicated above. I foreign worker can work for the petitioner etc etc all same as my friends I797A just without I-94

    Now with 2 months to go into expiry of my status to apply for extension i am confused what to do next.

    Attorney says they sent the originals in mail to my employer but we never recieved any but this.

    oh also i never left usa all the time i was f1-opt-h1

    I would appreciate any one can help me on this. Also best way to apply for extension ....

    Please so i can talk to my employer on this.

    dont wanna scare them away with random talks