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Urgent Query regarding H4 Visa

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  • Urgent Query regarding H4 Visa

    Help Wanted

    I got an offer for job in US in Sept 2004. After approval, I book my H1 Visa appt. for Feb 2005. I was not aware that I can take appointment for my family (Wife and My Son ) along with my H1 appt. so I got their appt. for March 2005.

    When I went for my H1 stamping, consulate asked me to got some more documents from my future employer. I got those docs in April 2005 so I postponed my Wife and Son's appt. to July 2005. I got my H1 stamped in May 2005 and I am still in India as my employer is ready to send me in August 2005 only.

    Now as I am still in India, and my wife and my son will go for H4 in July. Do they need kind of special document from future employer in US stating that I will be joining them in August 2005 so that my family does not face any issue in getting their H4 stamped?

    If somebody has applied for their family H4 while they were still in India on H1, please share your exp. with me.