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H1B transfer while the current one is on 221G (Green slip)

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  • H1B transfer while the current one is on 221G (Green slip)


    I work for company A (in India) and another company B(U.S based) has sponsored my H1 during June 2011 and its approved on Feb 2012. I attentded the visa inteview last week and got 221G green slip asking for notarized list of H1 employees and unemployment wage report. So, my questions regarding the current situation are,

    1. Can I approach my current employer (Company A) to file a new petition for me?

    2. If my current employer (Company A) is fine with filing a new petition, will it be considered under cap or cao-exempt?

    3. Will I face any trouble for stamping, if my current employer (Company A) files a new petiotion?

    I appreciate your suggestions regarding this and meanwhile I would get in touch with the Company B to get the required documents to submit to USCIS.

    Thanks in advance,

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