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Plz help. H1B Visa Bond Agreement Problem.

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  • Plz help. H1B Visa Bond Agreement Problem.


    I am stuck in a problem and i will be glad if you could help me regarding this.

    My company (IT services company, MNC) applied for my “H1B Visa” in the first week of April 2012. The petition got approved by USCIS. If the interview goes fine, then i will have to travel in the month of October.

    My company made me sign a document/bond agreement which states that i will have to work for my company for the next 2 years in USA (i.e. 2 years from the time of start of my employment in USA). If i decide to leave within 2 years, i will have to pay an amount of $8,000. My company states in the bond agreement that it has invested $8,000 to apply/process my h1b visa and it is liable to take that $8,000 if i leave within that 2 year service period.

    Because of some personal reasons i am planning to quit my job altogether and go back to my hometown. I have absolutely nothing against the company. Infact i love working for my company.

    1) What should i do now?
    2) Is such kind of bond valid?
    3) The bond paper was not a stamp paper. It was just a set of white papers with all these details. Would applying signatures here be valid?
    4) $8,000 (the bond amount) is a lot of money. It is almost my one year salary. I am in no position to pay that amount of money. Infact i dont even have that amount of money with me
    5) Should i tell the company about this upfront and try to negotiate the bond amount? I doubt they will want to negotiate. They have invested a lot of money on my H1b visa.
    6) Should i just abscond?
    7) Should i tell the company my problems and also that i will work in USA for only 1 year and quit after that. Tell them that i wont be paying any bond money. Instead of 2 year service, i will do only 1 year service. Will they be fine with this?

    I am in a lot of confusion. If possible please help me out of this.