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L2 Extension Under Processing and H1B got Approved

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  • L2 Extension Under Processing and H1B got Approved


    I am in L2 and my visa is going to get expired on Aug 25th 2012. So My spouse company applied for the L2 Extension and it is currently under processing. Also my company (Working with EAD) applied for the H1B visa in premium processing and it got approved. Now I can able to work from 1st Oct 2012 with the new H1B.

    Could you please clarify on the following questions..

    a) can I go and revoke the L2 Extension applied from my spouse company? Is it possible?
    b) If I revoke the L2 extension, is it legal to stay in US from Aug 25th to Oct 1st?
    c) Do I need to go to my Home country to get the visa stamping before start working with new H1B from Oct2012?
    d) If my L2 extension got approved in the meantime, sine the L2 got approved recently, is there any chance will I lose my H1B?