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Need advice regarding H1-B transfer

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  • Need advice regarding H1-B transfer

    I need some advice on my current situation. I worked as a post doctoral fellow for a University as a J-1 scholar (Non-profit organization) in Texas before and later on I changed into H-1B visa starting from May 1st 2011 onwards. The H-1B petition filed by University in Texas covers the period from May 1st 2011 to April 30th 2014 (3 years). Before completing my 3 years on H-1B, I moved to another University (Non-profit organization) in Boston along with my boss. Here my current institution did the paper work for my H-1B transfer from the University in Texas to the University in Boston. The last day of my employment in Texas was July 31st 2012. (My I-129 is valid from 5/1/2011-4/30/2014).
    Now my question is,
    The University in Boston offered me employment from August 1, 2012 and I joined and started my job on August 1st 2012 and according to the University office my payroll also got initiated from August 1st. After two weeks, I got my I-129 form; I was expected to see the valid dates in the I-129 form from 8/1/2012 onwards. But, instead in my transferred H1-B petition (I-129) from USCIS (filed by University in Boston), mentions the valid date from August 2nd 2012 to July 1st 2015. So there is a one day gap in-between the two universities H1-B transfer (i.e., July 31st 2012, my last day of employment in Texas and August 2nd 2012, started employment in Boston, So one day, August 1st is missing in-between the two employments. However, my pay roll starts from Aug 1st, but not the I-129. I didn’t go outside the country during this process. I just want to know whether it would be a problem for me in the near future.

    Please kindly reply