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H1B Stamping ..... Client letter .... Need Help

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  • H1B Stamping ..... Client letter .... Need Help

    Thanks to the immihelp team for the support...

    I am working for company ABC and my H1 was iniitaited for a client A at Location X. Now i am referred for an other client B at Location Y. I got the LCA for the new location , but my new client B is not agreeing to give a client letter. My employer is asking me to proceed with the SOW and mail from the client B mentioning that "They wont be able to give the client letter because of their company ploicy".

    I heard that client letter is getting mandatory these days and the embassy is putting the Visa on hold for unspecified time looking for documents.

    Can you please help me on whether SOW and a mail will suffice to go for stamping and what are my chances of getting approval? Will any letter from employee will help me in my stamping process?