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L1 to H1 COS with 2 Companies

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  • L1 to H1 COS with 2 Companies

    I'm on L1 from company A, and applied to H1 COS from 2 companies B & C. Company B's H1 COS is approved and will begin from 1st Oct b'coz it was processed with premium. Company C's application is not even moving. If I join company B and then if C's approves, will I have to join C due to last action rule? Or shall I ask C to withdraw my application?

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    L1 to H1 COS with 2 Companies

    Sad, I didn't get any responses. I used to get responses from 'sherwin123' earlier. It seems he s no more there. Anyways, I took an appointment with a well known Law firm to get the answers. Here is what they said.

    Answer: I can join company B, and if company C's cos approves, I can either join C or continue with company B. The last action rules comes only if they were different types of visa from B and C. In my case, both are H1s.