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H4 Stamping in India when H1B is not stamped

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  • H4 Stamping in India when H1B is not stamped

    I have completed 6 years of H1B and didnt apply for GC in all 6 years. I am currently on H4 visa which was issued in Feb 2012. My husband has applied for his GC in EB3 in May 2003. I don't see any hope for EB3 and I can't really work until the dates move to May 2003. I have several concerns and will appreciate your help in this matter. My concerns are:
    1. My husband's H1B is not stamped and he is having an EAD and travels with Advance Parole. If I go to India, will there be any issues coming back on H4. Will I be able to stamp H4 without any issues since his H1B is not stamped.
    2. Just in case, the dates get current and I am in India, Will he he able to add my name and I fly back to US right away
    3. Can I apply for L1 after 6 years of exp