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    My H1 starts on October 1st. Iam still on F1 but had applied for H1 with the idea of changing my status without completing my Masters.

    With all possibilities worked out, I can get relieved from School on September 23rd. Since my H1 starts only on October 1st, will I have a problem during my stamping due to the gap in status ? ( I mean beacuse of my being out of status?) for a week?

    Can I go to Mexico for stamping ? ( I heard that for stamping in Mexico...an applicant shud not be out of status at all..)

    Please let me know if this one week out of status period create a lot of problem for me.

    Iam very unclear abt everything.Please help me.

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    You must maintain your status until Sep 30. However, if you get a change of status and your H1 comes with I94 you do not need a visa unless you want to travel abroad!

    You are anyways in trouble at the consulate as you have changed status without completing Master's. Consul may look at this as just a way to enter the United States and your visa may be denied.

    This is not a legal advice. You may use it at your own risk!