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How long does it take to get G-1145 notifications?

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  • How long does it take to get G-1145 notifications?

    USCIS received my application for AOS based on marriage at June 4, 2019. Form G-1145 is attached. Usually how long does it take to get notifications through text and email ? When i will receive i-797 receipt notice through mail?
    Thank you

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    In general, if everything is ok, I expect the text to be received 7-10 days after the package is delivered, then the NOAs 7 days later. Sometimes people send the forms to a different lockbox, that could add another 7-10 days to the process.

    I have read that if people use USPS it could take up to a week extra to get the Texts and NOAs (don't know if that is always the case).

    Nov 2018 - Package sent - EB - Texas Service Center
    Day 1 - Package received at lockbox
    Day 12/34 - Case and Fingerprint Fee Received / Biometrics appointment
    Day 104/105 - EAD - New card is being produced (principal/spouse & child)
    Day 195 - Letter for missing I-693