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OCI - issue or not

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  • OCI - issue or not

    Hi, so, My gf has found herself an agency in USA to help her file for her OCI. apart from docs needed by Indian govt/VFS on the official site, this guy is also asking for court doc to say -

    1. WHY did her divorce happen / WHAT was the reason for her divorce ?
    she got her divorce over 10+yrs ago. so, i told her there wouldn't be any records. besides you have given your divorce decree. Why is the Indian govt soo nosey about your divorce reasons? no1 is interested. not being rude really, what interest does the Indian govt. has in this after you have submitted an original , court stamped 1 page divorce decree.. she said it was an un-contested divorce

    2.Separate doc for Name change affidavit ? maiden>married>back to maiden
    None of USA docs need this. her Naturalization cert has her maiden name. Her USA pp has her Maiden Name. Her Indian PP has her married last name diff. from maiden name which she renounced. her renunciation certificate came on her married name. per the agent, if she wants her OCI on her maiden (current) name then she has to produce an Affidavit of Name change.
    Where does she get this from ?? he said court but we all know they are also closed, thanks to COVID. not even taking appointments. the only way is to drop a letter in a box outside the courthouse and pray for a reply (Charlotte, N.C) . any other way to get this? oh also, she sent him her indian birth cert which she had translation (native language to English) certified by N.C courts long time ago

    3. Employment verification ?
    Why? what is the need? She stated her job to the agent who now wants an verification cert. what about the people who do not work? never did? have nothing to do?

    I did look up on google for the docs and did not find the need for any of these 3 docs listed. i am not saying agent tis duping her but my question is the poor thing has all the docs and now, these 3? she doesn't even have the lawyer details because her ex filed for divorce and the court has 50B only.
    Is it supposed to be this hard ?

    Thanks all.