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File taxes as married or single?

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  • File taxes as married or single?

    Good afternoon!
    I'm in a rather unique situation.
    I am a Canadian PR of 2 years and also a US PR since September, never lived or worked in the US (thanks to the Diversity lottery; I just landed there).
    I am also married but in the process of divorce. I think the divorce certificate will be ready by April.
    All of my (low) income has been yielded here in Canada. I am filing taxes here, I am taxed automatically like all Canadian payroll workers.

    So, questions:
    1. What form do I use to file my taxes (all income in Canada, married filing separately)? What is the best software to make a declaration? Is it possible to file electronically?
    2. Will there be double taxation for me?
    3. Will I be better off filing as single (should the divorce be finalized before the deadline) or married but filing separately?

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    Since you were married on December 31st 2017, you will have to file your tax return for tax year 2017 using one of the two "Married Filing..." options