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    My parents are UK citizens and live in the UK, but are hoping to buy a house in the US that they will rent out. They hope to make the purchase sometime next year (at this stage, they have not yet found a house).
    They currently have no other US income.
    When they rent out the property, they will still be living in UK and so will need an ITIN number to pay tax on the rental income (as they are not US citizens and so do not have a social security number).

    My sister will be going to Los Angeles next month. I was hoping that she could take my parent's passports to LA IRS office and apply for the ITIN on their behalf (As the application forms require passports to be submitted).

    However, I have been told the following:
    1) It is not possible for a third party (who is not a recognized agent) to bring the passports. Only the original passport owner can do this.
    2) My parents would need to have either bought the house, have a US mortgage or have some other US income before they can apply for the ITIN.

    Is this advice correct? Thanks for any confirmation that can be provided.