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TAXES to pay as US Citizens NOT leaving in USA

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  • TAXES to pay as US Citizens NOT leaving in USA


    I was wondering if anyone knows about the TAXES that US citizens who do not live in USA are supposed to pay to USA?. I got the US citizenship but decided to go back to my home country.

    Can anyone provide this information?

    I know there is something called FATCA, which stands for "Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act".

    Please let me know,

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    When it comes to taxes, as a US citizen, it's like you never left the country.
    That means, you need to file taxes each year by April 15th. Filing depends on how much you make, capital gains, rental income etc. (you can use turbo tax, HR Block, etc etc)
    The US taxes you on your worldwide income and it does not matter where you live.
    You will receive any credit for taxes paid to India in accordance with US-India tax treaty.
    There are CPA's who are well versed in this area, so as soon as you return to India, contact one of them and get the process down.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      Thanks a lot.