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EB1 Interview outcome - I 485 Dallas Texas

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  • EB1 Interview outcome - I 485 Dallas Texas

    All, below is my case:

    Priority Date: April 2017
    Interview Date: December 10, 2018

    I was called for interview by an IO, who was not very friendly unlike other officers there. After reaching to the office we had oath ceremony. IO started asking questions, very basic like full name, date of birth, anniversary, where you work. Question which I can answer in my sleep too, moving to my wife similar questions again. The aura in room was very tensed, IO did not speak anything other than questions and we could figure out that our conversation was not welcomed as well. Kids tried but failed too.

    After that IO jumped to security questions which in our case were all No. we thought everything was fine as no difficult questions.

    OUTCOME: we need addditinal background check and decisions will be made once your priority date is current.

    1. Has anyone experience the same in Dallas office? I am nervous when IO said additional background check, in my knowledge background check is done before calling for interview.

    2. What should I expect next?