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E3D EAD Reneal Question

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  • E3D EAD Reneal Question

    Hey there guys,

    So 3 months ago my wife filed her E3D EAD renewal (I-765) with USCIS.

    Last time around it took around 5 months for it to get renewed & this time we face a new predicament.

    So after filing her EAD renewal and receiving a receipt notice, I have landed a new job at a new company and will be switching employers, which means getting a new E3 Visa and in turn she will get a new E3D Visa.

    Because of this she has also had to apply for a new passport as her's is set to expire in over just 6 months

    Does anyone know what the process is for a situation like this - a lodged and and received EAD renewal which is currently under review, she is now going to be getting a new E3D visa and has a new passport since filing her renewal?

    Is it possible to submit new documents to an existing renewal petition? Or will USCIS realize that her E3D visa has been changed/updated and request a RFE for her petition?

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Hi There,

    How did it go ?