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  • E3 Visa help


    What are the usual ways to prove Australian ties for an E3 visa ?

    Could anyone please share ur suggestions !!

    Greatly appreciate your help !!
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    E-3 applicant has to be an Australian holding an Australian passport


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      There are a number of variables involved that make it tough to give a timeline without more details. It would be helpful to know if this is a first time E-3 or if it’s a renewal. Also, in which country would the intending candidate process his/her visa? What kind of educational background does the candidate have, as this could impact what kind of documentation needs to be gathered? Has the sponsoring company already submitted a Labor Condition Application with the Department of Labor before? If not, the FEIN would need to be verified. Are all of the supporting documents ready, or would they need to be gathered? If so, how long would that take? In the best of circumstances, you could aim for a month. But, given all the above, it could certainly take longer. It’s always a good idea to work with an immigration attorney.