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L1A visa eligibility

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  • L1A visa eligibility

    Hi, I am currently in Canada. I was here on an employer specific work permit, working as a manager, and got laid off this week. I have worked for this company for a continuous term of more than 1 year. The eligibility for L1 suggests that I have to work for the foreign entity for 1 continuous year in the last 3 years, and I satisfy this condition. Could you please let me know if I am eligible to apply for L1A visa even if I am not currently employed with the foreign entity. Also, if I am ineligible, could you please provide me the reason for the same and also point me to any relevant links to understand it better? Looking forward, and thanks in advance for helping out.

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    You would still be eligible for the L-1A so long as there is a qualifying US entity related to your Canadian employer who wishes to offer you employment in the L-1 eligible position in the US. You will also need to show that your position in Canada meets the L-1 eligibility requirements (i.e., that you were in a senior managerial, executive or specialized knowledge position).