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L1to Gc without employer letter?

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  • L1to Gc without employer letter?

    my spouse & our family came in on L1A visa which is valid till March 2018. He came in July 2015.and we joined him in January 2016. We requested his employer company to file for our GC and told them that we will finance it ourselves if they are not willing to pay the expense. But the company isn't ready to give us the letter . Is there any work around it , so that we can file our GC.
    We are in the US and my husband is with the same company. A quick reply will be appreciated.

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    The only options, based on employment, that do not need the employer to file are EB1A and EB2-NIW. EB1A is for the exceptional ability category, and EB2-NIW is for the National Interest Waiver category. These categories are typically used by researchers, physicians, artists, etc. It is hard to say if your husband would qualify for these, since we do not have all the details..
    Just an opinion; Not legal advice.