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  • Documentary Filmmaker Visa

    I am a filmmaker with his own production company. I currently have a 10 year B1/B2 Visa which was given to me so i could attend film festivals and award functions in the USA.

    Now i am preparing to shoot a documentary in Chicago which is cofinanced by an American concern about a board game national sporting event. In media visa rules it says that it can apply to people going to cover a sporting event or documentary. But it also says that if it has commercial purpose then cant apply under this rule. Since the plan is to sell dvds of the documentary does it mean i cant apply under this?

    My question is- does that mean i have to apply for a new visa? Under which category should it be? Business? Media or Entertainer? If its business, i got a b2 visa but on my passport it says B1/B2. Would i have to apply again? Would these rules change if it was cofinanced by an indian company?

    More importantly, is there any rule that says i cannot hold visas in 2 different categories to the same country? Would they cancel my tourist visa if i apply in another section whether i get accepted or rejected?

    I am in a bind as i dont know anyone who has done this. Please help me out.

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    How did you get on with this? I am in a similar bind, except that i am going to make a documentary for my own company w/out experience... and I am concerned about whether they will approve this.


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      You can

      You can shoot your documentary in your own company, its your property now go for it.


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        Please can you tell me cost, how long it takes to get and how long it is
        valid for please?