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  • Pending I-589

    My question is:
    My status to live and work in US is my pending I-589 application with USCIS.
    And this is since 2017.
    My mother had filed for my family immigration F3 petition in Oct, 2008. It was approved in Jun 2017. I have an A number from this petition.
    My mother unfortunately passed away in Feb, 2018. I just recently recieved a revocation letter from USCIS on Feb, 27 at my sister's house where she had filed the petition from. Sfor my sister sent it to me.
    I have an option to file a written request to USCIS to reinstate my family immigration approved petition under Act 204(l) relief and Humanitarian reinstatement.
    And since the date on USCIS family immigration bulletin board will become current for F3/immigration petition, next month~

    CAN I APPLY FORM I-584(Adjustment of status) with REINSTATEMENT request to USCIS
    I am yet to be decided on asylum granted, so one case was revoked and the other one is pending.
    So now how can they both workout for me?
    Thank you.