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EB4 Green Card, Religous Worker

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  • EB4 Green Card, Religous Worker

    A religious non-profit organization wants to hire a religious worker and get a Green Card for him under the EB4 category. USCIS website says he must “have been working, either abroad or in lawful immigration status in the United States, continuously for at least 2 years immediately before the filing of a petition”. Also on their website, “If the religious worker received no salary but supported him or herself and any dependents, provide verifiable documents” shows that the position might be without a salary.

    Our case, has worked in the home country 5 years, and then he came to US and stayed here on F-2 visa status. During the stay in US, he worked for our non-profit religious organization as a "Volunteer" with no compensation.
    Does this Volunteer work count toward the two year continuously working that I mentioned above?
    Should the petitioner in the US organization, be a green card holder or US citizen?