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cancellation of F1 student visa

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  • cancellation of F1 student visa

    I received my F-1 student visa in July 2015 and now it's Jan 2016.

    I tried to travel but had to cancel three times.

    Finally I have decided to cancel the old visa and apply later for a new one (with a different uni, of course).

    Could you please guide me or provide me a reference link on how to cancel my visa?

    I need to understand the whole procedure.

    Thanks in advance

    Babu from Kolkata

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    Hello, you need to clarify the differences between termination/cancellation versus Other End of Program actions (a record of the SEVIS). You can find a guide: Termination or Completion of F-1 Status at Teachers College of Columbia University (I used it for my task to do my geography homework featuring the students problems of geographical areas for immigrants consulting Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative).