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Can my cousin sponsor my education in the us?

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  • Can my cousin sponsor my education in the us?

    Hi,I have admits for fall 2019.I just wanted to know whether my cousin can sponsor my education in the US? He runs a well established business in India and have enough funds to sponsor me.If he can sponsor, what documents do I need to have during the visa interview? Kindly share your experiences with me and help me out with this query...

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    Usually, anyone can sponsor your education, as long as the person who is planning on paying for it can provide a statement of sponsorship and a bank statement.


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      Private companies and non-profit organizations may also be sponsors for your education. You may also watch the US Embassy video on Youtube: Student Visas FAQ - Who can sponsor my education in the US? I can share some references here too or via email, because I prepared for this topic thoroughly, as it was my research paper proposal task. Also: have you checked the Fulbright Scholarships?


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        A relative who can pay for your studies should provide info that he has enough money in his bank account. By the way, you can also get a scholarship. My sister, with the help of this source https://studyhippo.com/chp-16-art/ was able to write an exam and receive a scholarship. So you have the option of getting a scholarship or asking your relative to give evidence that he has the opportunity to pay for your studies.
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          I absolutely agree with you.