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Seeking advise for F1 Visa Refusal under 214(b)

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  • Seeking advise for F1 Visa Refusal under 214(b)


    I am reaching out to you guys to seek your valuable advice regarding my F1 student visa refusal. Appreciate if you could please help me.

    My F1 visa was refused at New Delhi (India) consulate and I was given 214b document. Also, my B2 tourist visa was canceled without prejudice.

    I have traveled to the USA on B1/B2 after my marriage for 3.5 months before applying for F1. The consulate advised that you can study on a dependent visa but my husband is currently on F1 Stem-OPT and a dependent F1 visa won't allow me to take up any full-time course.

    I am planning to reapply for F1, can you please help me and advise is reapplying for F1 will help me to get the visa?

    Looking forward to your valuable advice. Thank you