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Need help!!! COS from H4 to F1

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  • Need help!!! COS from H4 to F1

    I applied for COS from H4 to F1 which was approved but I don't have I797A yet with me. It has been around two months. I have some questions in this case.
    1) Can I travel to India in this case?
    2)While coming back I have to get my stamping done - what kind of i20 do I need in this case?
    3)Will I have any problem in re entering USA
    I am in my second semesters of masters.

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    Congrats on your approval.
    Here are answers based on my experience.

    1) Yes
    2) Since your status is changed to F1, you need to go for stamping.
    3) Not that I am aware of.


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      BTW, How long it took for your COS approval.